GPS Tracker Dog Mini GPS Pet Tracker App

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GPS Tracker Pet Mini GPS Tracker App Control Smart Pet Tracker Waterproof IP67 Dog GPS Activity Tracker With An SIM Card. It can refresh the position information of the pet in real time, every step of the pet is clear.IP67, good waterproof and dust proof effect. Tiny and ultra light, anti-fall, intelligent and bright lights, low power remind, APP control.

Dog Mini GPS Tracker App can automatically pick up the phone and the pet will hear your voice through it! So if your pet playing alone, you can call him back by voice calling and it also can prevent your pet getting lost! You can use it anywhere with GPS signals, such as courtyards, beaches, riversides, campsites, farms and parks.

GPS Activity Tracker can Track Children, Pets, Vehicles, Elderly or Seniors, Bicycles, Assets, Valuable items or anything you want to track. This tracker should be used with GPS ONE app downloaded from App Store/Google Play and pair it to your phone via Bluetooth so you can keep eyes on your pet. If you have any questions, you welcome to contact with customer service


  • Battery Life: 30 Hours & Up