Car Shaped Corrugated Paper Cat Scratch Board

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This is a Corrugated Cat Scratch board, beautiful in appearance, suitable for grinding claws, multi-purpose cat scratch board, saving space, puzzle fitness. In terms of materials, the more powerful material structure is high-pressure corrugated paper, which is made of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, which can be naturally degraded after being discarded.

In terms of design, according to the cat's habit design, the style is versatile, free to indulge, release the cat nature, stability, greatly enhance the use of the simple claws of the cat scratch board, giving a new feeling. It is a multifunctional interactive Car Shaped Cat Scratch Board, which combines scratching, stretching, playing and intelligence development. Can make the cat happy, relieve cat anxiety. Enhance the close relationship between the owner and the cat.

Scratch Pad Cat Toy can be used as a scratching device and as a place for spacious rest, sleep and nesting. High-quality scratch-scratch texture provides a comfortable touch experience that makes cats hard to resist and extends the life of your furniture.


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