Soft & Safe Indoor Play Entertainment Pet Dogs Toy

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Entertainment Dog Plush Toy can make a sound when biting or pressing, which can keep dog's attention and increase more pleasure when playing. Glides across hard floors and carpets, Fun for dogs of all sizes and ages, Perfect for keeping your pets entertained for hours and doing other games to keep your pets healthy and active and Helps to reduce the pressure of your dog and reduce the possibility of destructive behavior. Flat base prevents bouncing up to protect furniture

Smooth bottom surface that glides across hard or soft surfaces from hardwood to thick you   all the fun of chasing a bit will not scuff your walls and skirting boards so you can let you   play indoors and not worry and Soft and safe indoor play Entertainment toy for dogs.

Puppy Entertainment Toy can better help dogs grind their teeth, reduce tartar and other diseases, keep mouth fresh. Suitable for any breed of dogs. Especially developed to improve IQ and mental stimulation for your dog and cat! Improve the appetite.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Toys Type: Squeak Toys