Dog Cat Adjustable Multifunctional Massage Shower Bath Brush

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Most dogs hate water, that’s why most of the time, bathing your dog can be really messy. The silicone pet bathing tool to help you to do the task easier, it’s a combination of water sprayer and bath scrubber in one functional bathing tool. Wash your dog slowly, we believe your dog would enjoy that massage from the bath scrubber while you’re shampooing him, when it’s to rinse, just make a fist to turn the sprayer on/off.

Cleaning your best friend of Pet Shower Sprayer should a fun experience, the one-size-fits-all design of this tool allows for better control of the water flow as well as your dog. One-hand hold Pet Shower Brush a better tool than your standard shower head, the tool injects water onto your dog’s coat, meaning, faster and cleaner rinse while you still can control your dog during the overall process

Pet Bathing Tool is deep small brush tips, help to remove dirt, dander and lost hair from pet while bathing, make pet enjoy relaxing massage. The pet grooming tool combined with bath brush and water sprayer, your pets can enjoy both shower and massage at the same time. Give your dog or cat a spa like experience during shower time.


  • Material: Plastic