Square Scratcher Cat Bed Cardboard Scratching Pad

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Cardboard Sofa Bed is consisted of scraped board and a couple of intrinsic spherical bell balls with a nice jingle once rolling, that provides hours of fun for your pet cat. giving your loved one cats to multiple angles and dimensions for scratching, climbing, having a rest. additional thick, durable, sturdy construction and reversible cat scraped. it's terribly durable and thick enough that might hold one adult does not flex or move, therefore it might not simply snap by your cats friend.

Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed is created of eco-friendly & high-density furrowed paper, withstanding the foremost aggressive scratching. Designed to satisfy cats' scratching instinct, serving to relieve stress and increase exercise activities, transfer your loved one pet cats healthy claws.

The Cat scraped Lounge Refills Lounge Bed with engaging style, neutral colors, appropriate size. Belong to your cat scraped pad. Higher density harden corrugated board with insert double facet style. The high density textures, the mistreatment time is (twice) than standard one. Our scratch pad will stand up to the constant pressure of daily use. get pleasure from durable performance and sturdiness.


  • Type: Cats
  • Material: Cardboard Paper, Cardboard Paper
  • Color: natural and black
  • Product size: 40.2 × 23 × 21.3CM
  • Applicable: Cats